Big Wrap on a 12" Tortillas

{==wheat===flour==chipotle==garlic & herb==spinach==cheddar==gluten free}


Ordering Options

Light Wrap 8" Tortillas 

{choose any wrap on 8" wheat or flour tortilla $1 less than the big wraps}

Burritos-Bowls & Salads

{comes without a tortilla served in a bowl with a choice of a bed of rice or green leaf}

"Naked" Bowl

Vegetarian - Vegan - Gluten Free




Ginger Wrap.....$7.75

roasted chicken, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and sweet peppers topped with a creamy ginger dressing and crunchy noodles on a bed of rice

Plain Jane.....$7.75

seasoned ground beef, red beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, leaf lettuce and housemade tomato salsa on a bed of rice


peppered bacon and roasted chicken with a house vinaigrette. shaved parmesan and fresh tomatoes with leaf lettuce


choose any of our wraps - we'll leave the meat off! exceptions: the Bayou


chicken rubbed with blacken spices, fresh romaine, fresh tomatoes, parmesan and croutons Yes! It has anchovies in the dressing


andouille sausage, roasted chicken and bell peppers in a spicy red sauce

with red beans, rice and topped with sour cream and jack cheese

Queso Pulled Pork Wrap.....$8.50

pulled pork, red beans, rice, our housemade white cheddar queso sace, and tomato salsa

Korean Beef Salad.....$8,50

strip steak with cucumbers, romaine, carrots ,spinach, red bell peppers and a housemade Korean sauce.

Santa Fe.....$7.75

roasted chicken or seasoned ground beef, rice, housemade blackbean corn salsa, jack cheese and chipotle sour cream

"Hey Pork Chop".....$8.25

pulled pork, rice, bbq sauce, pineapple and sour cream


a bed of rice with roasted chicken, Thai Peanut Sauce, carrots, cabbage, roasted peanuts and sour cream

Sweet Chile Garlic Wrap.....$8.50

roasted chicken, rice, carrots, cabbage, red sweet bell peppers, our housemade sweet chile galrlic sauce, and crunchy noodles

Steak Wrap.....$8.50

strip steak with rice, jack cheese, black bean corn salsa, tomato salsa and chipotle sourcream

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.....$8.00

housemade roasted red pepper hummus with rice, roasted chicken, fresh spinach, cucumbers, olives, pepperoncinis with a house vinaigrette and feta cheese


Taco Salad.....$8.75

seasoned ground beef or roasted chicken on a bed of chips and crisp romaine with cheese sourcream, black olives and housemade salsa with a side of ranch dressing

Saigon Salad.....$8.75

a bed of rice and romaine topped with roasted chicken, Thai vinaigrette dressing, carrots, cabbage and roasted peanuts

Spinach & Bacon Salad.....$8.75

fresh spinach topped with peppered bacon and roasted chicken with tomatoes and parmesan cheese with a side of house vinaigrette


roasted chicken, spinach, cucumbers, feta, olives red peppers, tomatoes and pita chips with an oregano vinaigrette



Teriyaki Wrap.....$4.00

roasted chicken, rice, carrots, cabbage and teriyaki sauce, crunchy noodles

Taco Bowl....$4.00

seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream and corn chips


rice, red beans, jack and cheddar cheese on a flour tortilla