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Big Wrap on a 12" Tortilla 


Light Wrap 8" Tortilla

{2/3 the size of a wrap on a flour tortilla $1 less than the big wraps}

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       Established 1999

"Naked" Box

{served in a box with a choice of rice or green leaf or both rice and green leaf}

Call  in early for



We arrive by 8am.



choose any of our wraps on the menu (except the bayou) ask for red beans if would like

Vegan - Gluten Free so many choices, just ask!





All burritos come with corn chips



Ginger Wrap.....$8.50

red farms bird chicken, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and sweet red peppers topped with a creamy ginger dressing and crunchy noodles on a bed of rice

Plain Jane.....$8.50

seasoned ground beef, red beans, cheddar cheese, sour cream, leaf lettuce and house made tomato salsa on a bed of rice

Creamy Pesto BLT.....$8.75

bacon and red bird farms chicken with a creamy pesto dressing, parmesan and fresh tomatoes with leaf lettuce


red bird farms chicken rubbed with blacken spices, green leaf, fresh tomatoes, parmesan and croutons Yes! It has anchovies in the dressing...add bacon $1.25

Ultimate Veggie Wrap.....$7.75

leaf lettuce, spinach, carrots, cabbage, cheddar cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, dill pickle dip, potato chips and sunflower seeds ....add chicken $1.50


andouille sausage, red bird farms chicken and bell peppers in a spicy red sauce

with red beans, rice and topped with sour cream and jack cheese

Queso Pulled Pork Wrap.....$9.25

pulled pork, red beans, rice, our house made white cheddar green chili queso and tomato salsa

Korean Beef Salad.....$9.25

strip steak with cucumbers, romaine, carrots, spinach, red bell peppers and a house made Korean sauce.

Santa Fe.....$8.50

red farms bird chicken or seasoned ground beef, rice, house made black bean corn salsa, jack cheese and chipotle sour cream

"Hey Pork Chop".....$9.00

pulled pork, rice, bbq sauce, pineapple and sour cream


a bed of rice with red farms bird chicken, house made thai peanut sauce, carrots, cabbage, roasted peanuts and sour cream

Maui 2.0.....$8.75

red bird farms chicken, our house made sweet chili garlic sauce, mandarin orange salsa, jack cheese and toasted coconut

Blue Cheese Steak Salad Wrap.....$9.25

strip steak with leaf lettuce, house made blue cheese dressing, cucumbers and tomatoes





Taco Salad.....$9.25

seasoned ground beef or red bird farms chicken on a bed of chips and crisp green leaf with cheddar cheese, sour cream, black olives and house made salsa with a side of ranch dressing

Saigon Salad.....$9.25

a bed of rice and leaf lettuce topped with roasted chicken, thai vinaigrette dressing, carrots, cabbage and roasted peanuts

Spinach Salad....$9.25

fresh spinach topped with bacon and red bird farms chicken, mandarin orange salsa, red bell peppers and with a side of house white vinaigrette

Tex Mex.....$9.25

red bird chicken, leaf lettuce, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, black bean corn salsa, tomato salsa, jalapenos and a side of ranch










Teriyaki Wrap.....$4.25

red farms bird chicken, rice, carrots, cabbage and teriyaki sauce and crunchy noodles

Taco Bowl....$4.25

seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese and sour cream 


rice, red beans, jack and cheddar cheese on a flour tortilla











all burritos come with chips


Tomato Salsa.....$.50

Spicy Dill Pickle Dip....$.75


Dips for Chips?

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